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Atlanta Dog Guard  Serving the greater Altanta, GA area.

Why Atlanta Dog Guard

Atlanta Dog Guard Team

Other pet containment programs use 4-5 different people for sales, installation, training, repairs and support. That’s not how we do it at Dog Guard! If you would like to speak to the owner and have him address anything, I make myself available in such a way. I also personally oversee every installation to make sure quality work is done and the customer has just what they would like.

When you work with Atlanta Dog Guard, I will be your primary point of contact throughout your working relationship with Dog Guard:

How I Got Started with Dog Guard

My name is Josh White, and I am your Authorized Dog Guard Dealer for Atlanta GA and surrounding counties.

My story with Dog Guard begins in my high school years, about 18 years ago. My parents had been telling me, “ No more dogs” but I was trying to be little sneaky and brought one home one evening. “Jazz,” as I named her, stayed hidden for about two days until my parents discovered what was about to be a new family member. Of coarse they fell in love, but suddenly came some of the realizations about the responsibilities of taking care of a dog. One of the first one was realizing this pup didn’t like to stay in the yard and would chase anything down - she was also a breed that sacred people, even though she was harmless. So our family went on the search for solutions to pet containment and we landed on choosing Dog Guard of Atlanta to meet our needs. At 17 years old and at about 8 in the morning, my dad woke me up with a simple message - “Get up and get outside to help this guy who is installing our new pet fence….this is your dog!” Somewhat reluctantly, I got up and went outside where I met the owner of Dog Guard Atlanta, Don. He explained how I could help and I got my first taste of what installing dog fences is like. Not only that, our family got to experience the huge benefits of having your dog free to run around and having no worries they are running off and ticking off the neighbors.

From Dog Guard Customer to Employee to Local Dealer

That day the owner hired me to work for him because I did a good job and was willing to learn. I worked with the Atlanta Dog Guard dealer for a number of years throughout high school and college, gaining a rock-solid understanding of Dog Guard equipment and training procedures, along with other business practices and policies.

Dog Guard stuck with me so much that when I was in living in Memphis Tn and realized there was no local dealer for Dog Guard dealer there, I reached out to see if I could start one. Dog Guard HQ and I worked together to launch a new dealership, which was pretty successful in being able to help families in that market. When I learned that the Dog Guard dealership in the Atlanta area was available, I sold my dealership there and jumped on the opportunity to move my family to my home town of Atlanta and take over the reigns of the Dog Guard dealership there, and to continue its 25 year history of helping area families discover and enjoy the benefits of the Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Pet Containment Program.

Our Atlanta, GA service area includes Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Bartow, Cherokee, Floyd, Paulding and Henry counties.

It has been a genuine pleasure to help families and their pets in this way. I knew first-hand how nice it was to have a worry-free way to keep my family’s dog safely contained. Best investment for our dog ever! She loved the run of the yard, and we loved knowing we didn’t have to worry about her running off or getting hurt.

Ever since, we have made it our mission at Dog Guard of Atlanta to provide our neighbors and customers with reliable fence installations, dependable repair of both indoor and outdoor pet containment systems, and providing quality replacement parts, batteries, training and more. While our company has continued to grow, our belief and commitment in the value of an honest, one-on-one relationship with our customers remains the same.

Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing enjoys a number of technological advantages over our competition, and Dog Guard dealers continue to set themselves apart by ALWAYS going the extra mile! We are rigorously trained in the proper and correct installation of our systems and utilize only the safest pet behavior and training practices when working with you and your pet in order to ensure the desired results: a happy pet with the freedom and room to play, and worry-free pet owners who can now enjoy a new level of interacting with their pets.

All of us at Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing are tremendously proud of our veterinarian-approved containment systems and training practices, and of the fact that Dog Guard products are completely assembled and tested in the U.S.A., with almost all parts sourced from within the United States.

Dog Guard thoroughly tests all products that go into our electric fence systems to make sure they meet our strict quality standards before they are shipped from our headquarters. Between unparalleled support, superior hands-on training, and the Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing containment guarantee and lifetime equipment warranty, you and your pet can expect to enjoy the benefits of a Dog Guard® containment system for years to come!

I personally invite you to contact me to learn how your family and pet can benefit from a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing system.

Protect your best friend with Dog Guard®

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